Converting A Closet To A Bathroom When you’re thinking about converting a closet to a bathroom, there are several considerations to weigh before starting the project. Anyone waiting on the other side of a bathroom door, in dire need, would greatly appreciate another restroom. Some closets in newer homes are the size of small bedrooms. Other closets in older homes are significantly smaller. Adding an additional bathroom or half-bath improves the value of your home. First, you’ll want to consider your budget for the project. The proximity of your current plumbing is a significant factor. Finishes can be budget-breaking or quite reasonable, depending on your preferences. Call Beltway Builders for a professional opinion of your options and an estimate.

Cost to Add A Half Or Full Bath

Converting a closet to a full bath or a half bath can cost from $3,000 to $20,000. That’s an enormous range due to the numerous factors that go into that project. Is the conversion on the first floor or the third floor? If the current plumbing is nearby, that portion of the project cost will be smaller. The finishes you choose make a big difference. Many beautiful tiles, hardware, and sinks won’t break your budget. When considering converting a closet into a bath, start with your budget. Research the finishes you find appealing. The smaller the space you convert, the smaller the budget on numerous components. At Beltway Builders, we have built the much-needed extra bathroom for multiple families.

How Much Space Is Needed?

A half bath, or powder room, only needs 15 to 32 square feet. The space you designate for your new bathroom may be small, but there are ways to make a small bathroom look bigger. Adding a half bath increases the value of your home. The ROI (return on investment) on the money you spend on this project will pay off. And no one will argue that having another bathroom is a convenience that family members or guests will appreciate. If you’re interested in adding a full bath, you’ll need more square footage. To save space, consider adding a walk-in tub.

DIY Closet To Bathroom

You can tackle lots of DIY projects in your home if you’re skilled and have time for the project. Converting a closet into a half bath or full bath might not be one of those projects. A professional needs to complete all plumbing, framing, and electrical work. If you don’t have that skill set, an error on your part could be quite costly. You’ll require permits for home renovations of this nature. When you finish the work, an inspector will verify and sign off that the work is correct. After you get that stamp of approval, you’re good to go.

Converting a closet into a half-bath or full bathroom is an excellent investment. There are numerous ways to save money on this type of conversion and still have a beautiful finished product. Call Beltway Builders today. We can help you bring your project to life!