5 Types Of Roof DamageRoof damage is a significant problem. Your roof is the most critical part of your home or office building. It protects your belongings and the people inside. Maintaining a sound roof is essential to protect your investment. Even a tiny leak can cause immense destruction. Often damage starts in an area not visible daily. The roof damage may be leaking into the attic. That area may take in a fair amount of water before it shows up on the ceiling underneath it. If you’ve just weathered a significant storm and are unsure if it has compromised your roof, call Beltway Builders. We’ll assess your roof for storm damage, and we can work with your insurance company.

Damaged Or Missing Asphalt Shingles

You’ll need to call a licensed professional if you can see damaged or missing shingles from the ground. Determining the damage on the roof is risky, especially depending on how steep the roof pitch is. A hospital visit would likely be more expensive than calling a roofing contractor. Unless you have previously installed roofs, remember the building needs protection from the elements. Trying to fix roof damage if you don’t have the experience could cost you far more than you save. Insurance claims require a report from a licensed roofing contractor if the damage is storm-related.

Roof Damage From Missing Shingle Granules

When your asphalt shingles have missing granules, it exposes your roof’s shingles to the elements. Heat, wind, sun, and storms can contribute to this roof damage. The granules provide protection. Asphalt shingles deteriorate over time, and missing granules indicate that you may need to replace your roof. A licensed contractor can evaluate your roof and advise you if a new roof is in your future.

Damaged Flashing Or Gutters

You need to address damaged flashing or gutters promptly. Flashing is crucial to keeping water from getting under the roof and entering your home. Gutters are attached to the roof and help direct the water away from your foundation. After a significant storm, do a visual assessment to see if any gutters or flashing appear bent or have pulled away from the roof.

Shingles With Curling Edges

Shingles with curling edges indicate a roof that has seen better days. Years of hot summers, rogue storms, and cold winters take their toll on asphalt shingles. If you see more significant roof damage after a big storm, call Beltway Builders for a professional evaluation. Even though your roof has seen better days, we can work with your insurance company. We’ll help you determine replacement value and assist with your insurance claim.

Leaks From Roof Damage

Inspect for leaky roof damage promptly to minimize damage to other areas of your home. A leaky roof repaired quickly can save you time, headaches, and money. Finding where a leak comes from isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Water will travel the path of least resistance. The wet ceiling might be 15 feet from where the leak is coming from.

Any roof damage is a headache. Call Beltway Builders. We’re licensed professionals who take your roofing problems seriously. You only have to make one phone call. We’ll do the rest.