Attic FansAttic fans are a great way to help lower the temperature in your home on hot summer days. By exhausting hot air from your attic, the temperature can drop 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit, lowering the in-house temperature to five degrees.

There are many reasons to run an attic fan; they all benefit the homeowner’s pocketbook and house. Schedule annual maintenance to keep your attic fan running smoothly. Putting maintenance on a regular schedule will ensure your equipment is running at its best.

Beltway Builders can install an attic fan and show you the best settings to use for your area. This will help to keep your attic from acting like the broiler over your living areas. You can set an attic fan with a humidistat and timers to operate when you need it most.

How Does An Attic Fan Work?

An attic fan replaces the scorching air with cooler air from outside. Although it may seem strange to be blowing 100-degree air into your attic, the air is already 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit hotter in your attic than in your home.

Running the attic fan helps cool down your house and reduce the humidity in the attic. Humidity can cause a lot of damage if trapped for extended periods.

Is It Good To Run An Attic Fan In The Winter

Professional HVAC companies recommend running an attic fan in the winter to reduce humidity levels. Proper attic ventilation and temperature control reduce moisture levels, contributing to mold and bacteria growth.

Keeping the attic temperature lower during the winter will reduce the risk of freeze-thaw, causing ice dams and potentially damaging the roof and gutters.

When Should I Run My Attic Fan

An attic fan can be on a timer, so it doesn’t operate non-stop. Run your attic fan when the temperatures are the hottest of the day. The fan will replace the air in the attic with cooler air from outside. Running your attic fan at night after the temperatures have dropped will reduce the temperature in the attic. Hot air rises, so your home will also cool down more at night.

Running your attic fan to replace the hot air with cooler air will also take some pressure off your air conditioning unit. Reducing the humidity will help keep the keepsakes you store in your attic from getting mold and mildew. A musty-smelling attic needs ventilation to reduce the source of the smell. That’s where your attic fan with a humidistat comes into play. After the settings are programmed, you can sit back and relax.

The air and humidity levels regulated in the attic will save you money in both summer and winter. At Beltway Builders, we understand the correct way to run your attic fan at the proper temperatures and settings. You can have the best air quality in your home all year round. Schedule annual or semi-annual maintenance to keep the unit in top shape.

Don’t have an attic fan yet? We can install the correct size unit, explain in detail how the unit functions, and have your attic timer set so you can rest easy. Give us a call now!