Unleash Worry-Free Floors: Pet-Proof Vinyl Takes Over Your Home

Say goodbye to stress and hello to stunning style! Our LVP and LVT flooring offers the perfect blend of durability and undeniable beauty.

Imagine this:

  • Kids and pets running free: No more cringing over spills or scratches. Our LVP and LVT flooring is built to withstand the everyday chaos of an active household.
  • Effortless cleaning: Spills and messes wipe away easily, leaving you more time for what matters.
  • The look you love: With a wide range of on-trend wood looks, you can create a floor that complements your unique style.

But it gets even better:

  • Industry-leading warranties: We stand behind our products with the strongest warranties in the business, backed by the largest flooring distributor in America.
  • Safety first: Our best-in-class ASTM testing ensures your floors meet the highest standards for sound absorption, slip resistance, flammability, and overall safety.

One room at a time, transform your home with luxury vinyl flooring that redefines worry-free living.

Some of Our Vinyl Flooring

Acclima Ludlow

Acclima Ludlow

Andover Abingdale



Kingstown Gray

Whitby White

Fauna Cyrus

Prescot Ludlow







Glenridge Tawny Birch

Babyhill Blonde

Fauna Arterra

Colston Hill XL

Braly Cyrus XL

Wilmont Reclaimed Oak