Finishing Your BasementAre you contemplating finishing your basement? It’s a big job with big payoffs. A finished basement increases the value of your home and provides extra space for a host of uses. If you add a kitchen and bathroom, you have an in-law suite. Home movie theatres and game rooms are popular. Building codes require a ceiling height for a basement to be considered finished. If you need to take out a foot of dirt to meet the requirements, that’ll add a hefty cost. Finishing your basement is not typically a DIY project. Waterproofing the basement is imperative and must be done correctly, or you risk leaks or flooding. Beltway Builders has finished basements for numerous clients with outstanding results.

Separate Egress For Your Basement

A separate entrance to a fully finished basement is an excellent choice. The code may not require additional egress if you already have large window wells. Families are moving in together now more than ever before. You can rent out a basement with a kitchen, full bath, and bedroom. A family member who needs regular care but is still able-bodied could be close. A full bath and kitchen would allow a family member or a tenant to live there with little change to your lifestyle. Check the local laws to see if they will enable you to rent your basement. Regardless of the desired use, a finished basement is an asset to your property.

Finishing Your Basement On A Budget

There are many ways to save money when you’re finishing your basement. Even most seasoned DIY people will call professionals for more technical work that needs permits. A licensed contractor knows the ins and outs of the permitting process. Electrical, plumbing, building, and possibly mechanical work will need to be permitted. An inspector will sign off on several steps along the way after contractors complete the job. Bypassing those steps isn’t in your best interest. You can save money remodeling your basement by doing some non-permitted work yourself. After contractors complete the Sheetrock installation, do the painting yourself. The rustic industrial look for ceilings is widespread, and you can paint it for the least expensive ceiling choice. Laminate basement flooring is affordable, and professionals can install it in a day or less.

Considerations When Finishing Your Basement

There are multiple considerations when finishing your basement. If you already have a fireplace upstairs, think about adding a fireplace in the basement. A basement kitchen can elevate your game day food and drink accessibility. Adding a full kitchen and full bathroom is worth the money spent. Beltway Builders can offer suggestions based on your budget to help you decide what is most important for your lifestyle. Potential buyers find finished basements very attractive.

Finishing your basement is a big undertaking. Budgeting properly is critical for you to end up with the basement you’ve dreamed of. When you hire a licensed contractor, you can rest assured the job will be done correctly and to code. Beltway Builders has been helping people like you finish basements to expand their living space. We take care of all the details and bring you highly skilled technicians. Call us now so we can meet and talk about your dream basement.