Handyman Services in Central Maryland

NEED A HANDYMAN STAT? “To Do” List getting longer than your list for Santa? A phone call can solve all your problems. BELTWAY BUILDERS is a professional handyman service which can complete that dreaded “To Do” list in one day.

Experienced. Reliable. Trusted. Experts.

Just a phone call to Beltway Builders will have help on the way for your home repairs. They use only professionals for every task, regardless if it’s big or small, and all tasks are prioritized based on your special needs. When our handymen arrive, they come fully prepared with every tool they require, and ready to start work. Every one of our repair contractors is licensed and insured too, so you’ll receive high standard work from safe, dependable, professional handymen. Beltway Builders the most trusted handymen for miles and miles.

Beltway Builders’ Handyman Services
When you hire Beltway Builders, you know that you are getting reliable, trusted and seasoned professionals who have been trained for the work they are doing, and are more than capable of handling your smallest task to your largest. They take your “To Do” list and break it down into individual chores that can be managed effectively by separate handymen. And you don’t have to waste time watching over our worker’s shoulders either. For over 25 years we’ve hired only qualified, reliable employees whose knowledge and skills are further polished through proper technical and customer service training. Through our determination to provide nothing but excellence in home maintenance and repair we have achieved an amazingly high rate of customer satisfaction, and it is soaring higher.

Handyman FlooringWhat can we do for you?
Our experienced handyman services can help you finally finish the outdoor home repairs that you just haven’t been able to get to because you haven’t had the time or the energy. Even organizing and cleaning your garage, window repair, tile repair, along with a lot of other home improvement tasks.

Some of the services that Beltway Builders offers are as listed below:

Installation & Replacement:

1. Doors and locks
2. Fences, gates, and decks
3. Replacing light fixtures, hard to reach bulbs, etc.
4. Replacing of faucets, shower heads, toilets, sinks,Bathtubs
5. Installation of tiles, linoleum, hardwood and laminate flooring
6. Tile installation
7. Counter tops
8. Gutter
9. Walls & Ceiling
10. Cabinets
11. Moulding


1. Doors (not garage doors)
2. Locks, hinges, etc.
3. Interior and exterior caulking
4. Weather-stripping
5. Ceiling repairs and texturing
6. Drywall repairs
7. Stucco repairs
8. Replacing broken tiles
9. Fixtures & Bathtubs
10. Counter tops
11. Gutters
12. Walls

Carpentry Services

Interior & Exterior Paining Services

Electric, Plumbing, & HVAC Services

Restoration Services

1. Mold Damage
2. Fire Damage
3. Water Damage

Handyman RestorationBeltway Builders is one of the leading home improvement and handyman services. With a satisfaction guarantee and unwavering commitment to the best home repairs possible, we continue to surpass the expectations and earn the trust of our hundreds of customers.

With handyman services covering both indoor and outdoor, from fast repairs to bigger home improvement projects, we have the best home repair services to cover a wide array of needs. And we provide quality home repair you can trust.

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