Wind Damage And Insurance ClaimsWind damage and insurance claims go hand-in-hand. After a catastrophic storm passes and the adrenaline wears off, the first consideration is everyone’s safety. Secondly is the condition of your property. Wind damage can range from some small limbs down to extensive damage to the exterior of your home. Trees uprooted, tree limbs down, damaged roofing shingles, and siding torn off your home are a few scenarios. Take a deep breath, and call Beltway Builders. We will assess your wind damage and will work with your insurance company. We’re licensed and insured and have years of experience helping people recover from damaging storms.

Winds That Will Cause Damage

Knowing the strength of an incoming storm ahead of time can help you anticipate possible damages. If possible and time allows, bring any unsecured outdoor items to the inside of your home or garage. Think about anything that can be thrown around by tremendous winds. Patio furniture, the dog house, the BBQ, and other items you need to move inside. Read more about National Weather Service guidelines regarding typical damages during storms of different severity.

Damage From A Non-Severe Storm

When a storm rolls in with 45 – 57 mile per hour winds, it’s considered non-severe. That doesn’t mean you can’t sustain damage. The wind can rip off loose shingles, and tree branches can break off. Trimming tree branches close to your home regularly is in your best interest. Even a small tree branch flying toward your home at 45 miles per hour can cause much damage.

Wind Damage From A Severe Storm

We label a storm severe when the wind speeds are between 58 – 74 miles per hour. Wind Damage at this range may uproot trees, tear off large tree limbs, or rip off shingles in excellent condition.

Damage From Extreme Winds

The damage can be monumental when winds are 75 miles an hour or above. Vehicles, outdoor sheds, or mobile homes can flip over. It can uproot massive trees. Power lines can be down and live. Damage to siding, roofs, and windows is not unusual. Always park your vehicles in the garage if possible. Move any unsecured outdoor items inside the garage or house. After the storm passes, safely assess the damage. Then call Beltway Builders. We’ll help you get your property back in shape while working with your insurance company on your claim.

Wind Damage And Insurance Claims

Generally, you’ll have coverage for wind damage on your homeowner’s insurance policy. After weathering the storm, you’ll want to check out the damage. When it’s safe, go outside and take a critical appraisal of the destruction. Writing down a list can help you make an accurate insurance claim for wind damage.
Can you stay in your home without danger? After a storm of considerable magnitude, most people might feel shaken. Making critical decisions when you are experiencing stress can be unwise. If the damage and debris feel monumental, call Beltway Builders. We can tackle the clean-up and help you determine your best course of action.

Whether there’s a massive storm prediction, or one just passed that’s caused wind damage, Beltway Builders will be there for you. Beltway Builders works with insurance companies regularly. We understand the process and can assist you, so you can try to regain some semblance of order in your life.

Call us so you can breathe easier.