Checklist for Home Kitchen RenovationIf you’ve been looking at your kitchen and want a change, it might be time for a kitchen renovation or remodel. The kitchen is often the focal point of the house and is usually where crowds hang out. Now is the time to put all your wishes and dreams on paper so you can create the perfect kitchen.

Before you rip out cabinets and start ordering appliances, you need to implement a plan. This can help you stay on budget, keep the project running smoothly, and avoid potential setbacks.

Use this checklist for home kitchen renovation to get you started.

Set Priorities and Expectations

  • List your goals and priorities: Make a wish list of everything you want from your new kitchen. Get it all down on paper, whether it’s more counter space, upgraded smart outlets, better storage, or repainting and redo the floors.
  • Budget: Once you set your goals and priorities, it’s time to develop a budget. Give yourself a range of how much you want to spend to factor in varying costs and potential surprises. Don’t forget to factor in the little details, like drawer pulls and knobs.
  • Take measurements: This can help you define the space and determine what can fit best if you’re doing a significant renovation. Use the measures to create a rough sketch, either on paper or on the computer, then use it to visualize the changes you want. The measurements and sketch can also help your designer and builder if you work with professionals to complete your kitchen renovation.

Create Your Vision

  • Choose a design style and color palette: Match the design and colors to complement the rest of your home or go wild to make your kitchen stand out.
  • Find inspiration: Use Pinterest, Houzz, design catalogs, or check out a local store to get inspiration for your style and color palette. Review them once you’ve gathered your inspiration to find common themes or colors to which you naturally gravitate. This can help solidify your color and style.
  • Source appliances and materials: Use your design inspiration, measurements, and sketch to help source materials and appliances that fit your budget. Figure out where they’ll go and ensure the measurements of each appliance will fit into your new kitchen design. Decide on countertop, floor, and cabinet finishes and colors to ensure everything works together.

Logistics and Timeline

  • Plan the logistics: If you’re tearing out existing materials, you may need to seal off other rooms while the work is in progress. Where will you cook and eat while the remodel is underway? Have you checked building codes to ensure what you’re doing is acceptable? Do you need permits? You should also check on shipping timelines for materials you need to order.
  • Hire the pros: If you’re working with professionals like Beltway Builders to complete your kitchen remodel, you’ll want to hire them ASAP. They can help you plan logistics, source materials, create a realistic timeline, and other pertinent details.
  • Create a timeline: If you’re DIYing the kitchen remodel, create a realistic timeline. This should include shipping materials, completing the teardown, installing new features and appliances, painting, and other details. Leave room for shipping delays or last-minute changes to your design.

This kitchen remodel checklist can help you get ready to enjoy your new kitchen. If you’d like to leave it to the pros, contact Beltway Builders. We work with central Maryland homeowners to create the kitchen of their dreams on a realistic budget. Our expert team is ready to assist, from designing your vision and demoing your existing kitchen to installing your new countertops, cabinets, sinks, faucets, and appliances.