Whether you have recently installed new windows or are looking to keep the ones you have for as long as possible, cleaning is essential.  Dirt, grime, mold, and mildew can all build up on windows as a result of the outdoor elements. Over time, all of that build up can cause REALLY big issues for your home.  This spring before you just get out the window cleaner and call it “good”, take note of these three tips to make your windows shine like new.


When it comes to a routine window cleaning, paper towels and a little bit of glass cleaner will do the trick. At least twice per year, however, you should really get out the cleaning supplies and give the windows a good scrub.  We recommend using a soft brush and mild soap on the window panes to scrub away all excess dirt.


After you have scrubbed the dirt away, it’s time to rinse it off and make your windows shine like new! To do that, use a squeegee to eliminate the remaining dirt, water, and bubbles from your window pane. The best way to squeegee your windows is to first create a short squeegee strip on the side of the window and then clean in horizontal sections.  Every time you reach the end of a section wipe your squeegee clean before starting again. This will help to ensure you aren’t putting any dirt you have already cleaned off back on the window.


Once you have finished squeegeeing your windows, it may look like you are finished – but wait, there’s more! Never stop cleaning your windows until you have thoroughly wiped down the seals and caulking.  Seals and caulking are the most likely place to find a build-up of mold that can cause sickness to you and your family or long-term window damage. We recommend wiping both clean with warm soapy water and a dry rag.

Once you have completed those three steps, your window washing days are over (for at least six months).  If you happen to find any damage while you are getting the job done, just call Beltway Builders! We can help you install new windows on your home or repair the old ones.