Popular Kitchen Trends for 2019

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of requests for farmhouse style kitchens.  White shaker cabinets, shiplap, and built-in breakfast nooks have been the trend. As we step into 2019, however, we are seeing new styles take root that include Scandinavian, modern, and industrial designs.

Here are a few trends you can follow to make these styles come to life in your own kitchen.

Simple Cabinetry

To achieve a Scandinavian style and embrace the trend of Hygge (a Danish word to describe cozy), you have to understand that less is more.  In countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway you would never find cluttered kitchen countertops filled with loads of appliances. Instead, simple cabinetry with minimal details, no hardware, and a smooth finish hides every bit of clutter (if there is even any clutter that needs to be hidden).

Concrete Countertops

You can achieve both a modern or industrial look in your kitchen by installing concrete countertops.  Concrete countertops can be installed with either a glossy or matte finish and look great either way. Other benefits of concrete countertops include durability and affordability.

Metal Shelving

Open shelving had its place in the farmhouse trend, and it also has its place in all of the newest trends as well.  Instead of complete wood shelving, however, we are beginning to see more open, iron metal shelving to achieve an industrial style. Metal shelving can also be used to achieve a modern and/or Scandinavian look by using other materials such as stainless steel or painted aluminum.

Gold Hardware

Brushed nickel and silver finishes are on their way out of top kitchen design and gold hardware is on its way in.  Available in all shapes and sizes, gold finishes look great on colored or matte black cabinetry – two other kitchen trends for 2019!

Light Wood Finishes

Light wood finishes make space feel light, airy, and clean – all very important aspects of Scandinavian design.  You can incorporate light wood finishes into the cabinetry, open shelving, or countertop surfaces of your kitchen for a one-of-a-kind look.

Get on top of the latest kitchen trends for 2019 today by updating your kitchen with one of these looks!