How to Make the Best Investments When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Of all of the rooms in your home you can invest in, your kitchen is one of the best. One of the first places potential buyers look at when touring a house, your kitchen is likely one of the most used rooms in your home, too. Money you spend in your kitchen almost always comes back to you. Not only will you enjoy using your kitchen more, but a kitchen remodel can be one of the primary reasons your home sells – and for more than you were anticipating.

When it comes time to remodel your kitchen, there are a few investments you can make that pay off greatly. As professional and experienced remodelers, our team at Beltway Builders can help you make the best choices for your kitchen, keeping you (and any potential buyers) in mind.

  1. The Countertops. Your kitchen countertops can make or break the entire appearance of the room. When they’re updated, your kitchen looks a million times better. But, if they’re out-of-date or damaged, it can make everything else in your kitchen (no matter how nice it is) look less than great. There are plenty of options for your kitchen countertops today, including popular butcher block, classic granite, and even unique custom concrete.
  • The Backsplash. Subway tile is in, which means making the update in your kitchen can be very appealing to potential home buyers – and it can make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again. Subway tile comes in a variety of colors and sizes and can even be installed in different ways, giving you the ability to personalize this popular trend.
  • The Layout. Today, most people want to work in a kitchen that is open to the rest of the home. Changing the layout of your kitchen can completely transform your house, making it more accessible, functional and appealing. While this can be a big undertaking, there are some smaller changes that don’t take up as much time (or as much of your budget), like opening a wall or switching the orientation of countertops.

Give our team a call today and let us know how we can help you update your kitchen! We’ll give you advice for how to make the best investments for your home.