How To Create Timeless Design in Your Home

Choosing finishes, paint colors, and accessories for your latest redesign or build is exciting – it means your project is almost finished! Choosing finishes, paint colors, and accessories, however, can also be very stressful!

One of the most commonly asked questions we get at Beltway Builders is “How do I create a timeless design for my home that I will love NOW and LATER?”

Here is our answer.


The cardinal rule of timeless design is that neutral paint colors rule.  Stick to colors such as whites, grays, browns, and neutral blues/greens. When you choose these colors it is easy to add and swap accessories that can showcase your current style without too much of an investment. If you really want to make a statement with your paint choices, you can always add a statement wall in a prominent room to express your style.  If you only choose a statement color for one wall it is much easier to change in the future than an entire room.


Although it is perfectly acceptable to add a statement design to your home when remodeling a room or building an addition, you want to keep statement designs to a minimum if your goal is a timeless design.  A bold tile in the bathroom, bold fireplace surround, and colorful kitchen countertop are all great design choices individually when you add all of them into a home they can become overwhelming. So, instead of choosing multiple designs, choose the one you can’t live without!


The idea of timeless design is that it lasts forever. Therefore, when you are choosing finishes for your home and you want a timeless design you need to purchase quality products that will last forever as well.  Never skimp of finishes such as wood trim, countertops, tiles, and flooring otherwise you will need to replace them long before you want to.


Successful timeless design can be used and lived in on a regular basis. To create a timeless design you love add functionality into the floorplan and finishes that serve a purpose for your family and future families that might live in your home.  Built in shelves, other storage solutions, and an open floorplan are all functional, timeless design solutions.

To create a timeless design for your home, work with the friendly professionals from Beltway Builders!