Winter is upon us! You already know what it is — freezing temperatures, ice, snow, and wind. The weather during this season can wreak extreme havoc on your roof and may require the service of a roofing company for roof repair or even roof replacement in Maryland.

Winter Roof Damage

Here are five ways winter weather can damage your roof and the actions you could take to solve these problems.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are those ice regions on your roof that blocks or holds snow and water, preventing it from flowing off your roof.

The water captured behind ice dams can corrode flashing around chimneys and roof vents, which can lead to water leaks. The water can also get under or between roof shingles. And when it freezes, it can break or loosen shingles.

Also, the weight of ice and water can damage gutters, shingles, and the roof fascia. During this time, it may be too dangerous to climb the roof looking for ice dams to destroy. Call a roofing company in Maryland to inspect the roof if you suspect an ice dam.

Water Leaks

Although water leaks can happen at any time of the year, water leaks during winter can be more dangerous. Since ice expands when it freezes, a small leak will turn into a bigger problem after only a few cold nights.

The leaks usually occur around corroded flashing, damaged fascias, cracked chimneys, or missing or damaged shingles. Have your roof inspected by professional roofers in Maryland to identify and fix any likely sources of leaks before winter arrives fully.


When high winds hit the roof, the edges, corners, and ridges are likely to suffer the most damage. To be more specific, it is the area where a shingle has an exposed edge. The wind will cause the shingle to lift, curl, break, or tear away.

An exposed shingle will encourage leaks, and freezing temperatures can bring further damage to those shingles and the underlying roof structure. If you have damaged shingles, call roofing experts in Maryland. Minor issues can lead to  severe damages.