Why the Color of Your Home Matters

Whether choosing a new siding or picking out paint for a remodel, choosing the right color makes all the difference. While there are very few wrong choices, it’s important to recognize how the color you select will change the overall look and feel of your home. Science has done a lot of research about how colors influence mood, but home designers and decorators have also discovered their own tricks, ones that you should consider before picking up any paint brush.

Blue. Most people agree that blue produces a calming and cool effect. One of the most popular colors of paint in homes, blue signifies trust, loyalty, and friendship. Many designers choose blue in bedrooms because it helps to calm the mind.

Yellow. An instant way to update your home, yellow creates feelings of happiness in almost everyone who sees it. Traditionally, yellow suggests optimism and inspiration. Sunny and warm, even pale yellows can cheer up a space without risking being overwhelming.

Purple. While bright purple might not call to you, lighter shades, like lilac, can help make any room in your home feel more relaxed and serene. Psychologists say that people who are drawn to the color purple tend to be creative, wise and romantic. Not to mention, purple is symbolic of royalty, luxury and wealth.

Red. Mentally stimulating, red can cheer up and energize rooms, especially bright shades like candy-apple red. If you feel drawn to the color, it’s likely that you are passionate, energetic, brave, and a people person.

Green. Instantly creating connections to the outdoors, green is a great shade for your siding and your front door. Symbolic of life and energy, most people who love the color green are persistent and strive for balance. Want to make a big statement in your home? Try using lime green in your bathroom remodel.

Brown. Simple and comfortable, brown is a symbol of security and contentment, making it a smart choice for bedrooms. Earthy and easy to decorate, there are more shades of brown than you probably realize, so don’t feel like you’re being “boring” if you want to use brown in your home updates.