A lot of homeowners have ideas about additions almost from the moment they move in. Even if you are head over heels about your home, there’s always that “one little” (or not so little) thing you can do that would make it perfect. And, in a lot of cases, it’s in the form of an addition.

But, when is the right time to actually pursue adding an addition to your home? Is there ever a great time?

Like any big home project, the excitement can turn to anxiety when you start to look at the reality of having your home worked on. While smaller additions are less invasive to your home life, large additions can make using your home difficult, if not impossible, especially if the construction crew and remodelers haven’t prepared you appropriately.

So, while there might not ever be “the right” time to follow through with an addition, there are definitely times in your life that are better for home remodeling projects. When our team at Beltway Builders works with clients on additions and home remodeling project, we often recommend the following tips when deciding if “now” is the right time.

  1. You’re planning on staying in your home. No, not forever, but at least for a few years. While remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can increase the value of your home, home additions are often based off of your needs – not the needs of a potential buyer. There are definitely exceptions to this rule, like in the case of sunrooms, larger garages, or extra bathrooms, but more often than not it’s smart to invest in a home you’re planning on staying in.
  • You’ve thought about re-sale. Even if you’re planning on staying in your home, things happen in life that can quickly change your plans. When it comes to additions, you want to think about how the final result will look and feel to someone else. When done professionally, your addition will be appealing to many potential home buyers. If, however, you rush through the decision-making process or try to DIY the addition yourself, then there’s a good chance that the investment you make won’t be returned.

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