What to Look for in a Home Improvement Company

When looking for a home improvement company to do your next remodel, addition, or handyman job it is hard to know where to begin.  The internet is full of companies boasting the ability to do the job “the best” and offering “great deals”. But, how do you know which one is telling the truth? To help you out, we have a few tips we would like to share!

Past Work You Like

One of the first things you need to look for in a home improvement company is quality examples of their past work.  Never hire a company to remodel your bathroom or lay your new floors if you don’t know what they can do. Companies should have pictures of their past work on their website, on social media, or available to you upon request.  If they don’t, you might want to rethink your decision and start looking for another company.

Reliable Customer Service

Believe it or not, there are many instances during a home remodel or project where you need to talk directly to someone at your home improvement company.  When these situations arise, you want to be sure you can get ahold of them quickly and easily. Furthermore, home projects can be naturally stressful, so a friendly customer service department can really help alleviate any extra stress you might feel!

Recommendations for a Home Improvement Company

Last but not least, look for recommendations. Ask your friends and family who they have used in the past and what they liked about the company. And, if you don’t have any friends or family nearby to talk to (i.e. you just moved), take to the internet. Scour the reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and the company’s website to get a true picture of their work.

If you are looking for a home improvement company to help you with your next project, just call Beltway Builders.  We can provide you with examples of all our past projects, reliable customer service, and we have many great recommendations! Stop by or call us today. We can’t wait to hear from you.