When it comes to the heart of a home, the kitchen rules supreme. Like we gave you the The Biggest Trends of 2018 in Bathroom Decor and Design, here are the Top Trends in Kitchen Design for 2018.

If you’re in need of ideas for your next kitchen remodel, see which trends people are already buzzing about this year.

Top Trends in Kitchen Design for 2018

1. Kitchens are becoming smarter.

Smart technology is a key player in the world of today. Smart speakers. Smart phones. Smart home security. Modern design has looked towards ways of merging technology to fit the clean, simple, and even the rustic farmhouse look that is growing in popularity in kitchen remodel projects across the country.

From faucets to fridge to the track lighting enhancing the sunlight streaming in through the window, technology in the kitchen is more than just high-speed gadgets and sensors.

2. Cabinet colors are evolving.

When you close your eyes, what color are the cabinets in your dream kitchen?

For the majority of people out there dreaming about new cabinets, white remains a top choice. This color tends to offer an uncluttered sense while also brightening up the kitchen area.

Grey is another color that blends well and offers a natural nod to glamour and style.

For an added sense of luxury, look towards an installation of dark kitchen cabinetry. These dark colors offer an elegance and a subtle dramatic essence to the simplicity of the color white.

Top Trends in Kitchen Design for 2018

3. Stress-free styling.

Coming back home at the end of a long day should be relaxing. In 2018, designers are looking to incorporate relaxing and stress-free design into home remodel makeovers. How can design be relaxing and stress-free? Easy. Make it simple. But, don’t lump “simple” in with boring. No. Simple means utilizing space, simplifying the room’s focal point, and using an overall composition of materials and texture.

4. Quartz. Quartz. Quartz.

When it comes to finding what truly looks high-end in 2018, quartz reigns supreme. Quartz comes in a variety of colors, realistic stone patterns, and, thankfully, is easy to maintain and clean.