Thinking about building a new home? Are you buying a new build home? Congratulations! Building a home is a milestone many people reach for in their life.  It’s a dream come true to build a place for your family to spend forever in. It’s also a dream come true to be able to build a home that has features customized to fit your needs.  Before you start finalizing all your plans, check out these top features for today’s new builds.

Top Features for Today’s New Build Home

Storage, Storage, Storage

When you are building or buying a new build home – if you have the opportunity to put storage somewhere-do it.  You will thank yourself later.  Buyers in today’s environment look for homes that create optimal use out of every single space.  Some of the most notable locations for storage in a new home are the laundry room, bedrooms, kitchen, and garage. Maximize the potential of each space by adding cabinetry, built-ins, and even accessories with pieces that contain storage. You will definitely notice the difference.

A Place for Mom and Dad (or the kids)

Multi-family homes or multi-generational homes are all the rage these days. Many middle-aged individuals face one of two realities. Either their parents come to live with them, or their kids do (for some it’s both).  For families confronted with either of these situations having a separate living space to house their elderly parents or their young adult children is a dream come true. So, if you are building a house consider if you might be facing one of these situations in your future. If not, you still might want to consider it as future buyers will find an additional living space valuable.

Timeless Design in a New Build Home

Although the shows on HGTV make a home look desirable at the moment, they often showcase design choices that are trendy instead of timeless. If you are building a home you want to spend forever in, we recommend making timeless choices when it comes to the key elements.  Choose natural, hardwood flooring that can be refinished as well as tile for the kitchen and bathroom that is neutral in shape and color. When you do this, things such as paint color and accessories can be easily swapped out to create an entirely new look as trends come and go.


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