Tips, Tricks & Style-Hacks to Update Your Home Decor Style to Chic Modern Day Living

When it comes to re-designing your home, re-imagining your kitchen, your bathroom, or any part of your living space takes courage. Before you commit to a complete home makeover, consider utilizing one or more of these simple and affordable tips, tricks, and lifestyle hacks to update and elevate your home style and appeal.

Rearrange your furniture.

Simple, right? Just because your sofa has always sat there doesn’t mean it always has to. Switch up the ambiance of your living room, your family room, or your dining room simply by using what you already own. Rearranging can completely change the appeal in a home.

Update your home furnishings.

Swap out-dated lamps with industrial fixtures. Install a new wooden front door. Hang family artwork in modern-day frames to adorn your home with a personal touch.

Keep it minimal.

Minimalism is a hot trend that is easy to get on board with. Trashing your unused pieces of furniture, knick knacks, and home décor elements that no longer serve you allow both your space (and you) to breathe a bit easier.

Switch your shower curtains.

If your house has more than one bathroom complete with a shower, try switching it up! This simple swap doesn’t cost a dime and can take as little as fifteen minutes. Swap your fine art shower curtain in the downstairs bathroom with the animated shower curtain in your guest bathroom and see how this simple switch can make a big difference.

Dream with us.

Have just the inkling of an idea? Even if you’re not sure where to begin, Beltway Builders can help! For more than 25 years, Beltway Builders has continued to deliver satisfaction to our clients in and across Maryland, and we love dreaming up and implementing new projects.


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