Every good home deserves a great kitchen.  And, every homeowner deserves a kitchen they can entertain in and enjoy.  When it comes to designing a dream kitchen, every homeowner thinks of the basics—tile, sink, countertops, cupboards, flooring. But, what they don’t think of is these three features that EVERY dream kitchen needs.

A Breakfast Nook

In a dream kitchen, there is nothing better than a cozy corner specifically designed for sipping hot coffee and reading the morning newspaper.  Depending on your style, the breakfast nook can be designed to blend quietly into the surroundings, or stand out and be a bold statement. While the logical use of a breakfast nook is for eating breakfast, it can also be used as a place for children to do homework or a place for your family to socialize while you are cooking a meal.  No matter how you use your breakfast nook, once you have one you will never understand how you lived life without one.

A Fireplace

Although a fireplace seems a bit excessive, having a fireplace in the kitchen adds appeal that every homeowner loves.  Picture this…it’s a windy night and you are making homemade pizza with your family. The fire crackles in front of you as you all stand around the kitchen counter laughing and eating together…Really. Is there anything that sounds better? A fireplace offers ambiance and can also be used for fun family traditions like roasting marshmallows or popping fresh popcorn! And, even if you never use it, a fireplace in the kitchen will add value to your home that will make every potential buyer swoon if you ever want to sell.

A Walk-In Pantry

If there is any kitchen feature that is a complete life-changer, it is this one.  A walk-in pantry offers so much room for organized storage of food and kitchen items that it completely changes the way you organize your kitchen altogether.  In the pantry, you can store items that you buy in bulk such as paper towels. And, you can also store your large kitchen appliances such as a blender and mixer so you don’t have to clutter your counters or your cabinets.  Walk-in pantries make everything easily accessible so you won’t ever have to fret about getting out the proper ingredients or equipment!

If you need help remodeling your kitchen or installing any of these desired features, just call Beltway Builders. They have everything you need for an expert kitchen remodel and more!