Secrets to Building the Most Functional Bathroom

“Hey, Mom! Where are the towels!?” Have you ever heard that line in your home? If so, you might need a new solution to organizing your bathroom.  And unfortunately, all the “quick and easy” storage solutions you find at the home improvement store will do are clutter your bathroom. Also, they create more surface area for you to clean.  But, if you build a new and improved functional bathroom, you are going to get a room that you will love.  Because it will solve all of your problems.

Ample Surface Area

Ever try to blow-dry your hair or shave your face and have nowhere to put your blow dryer or razor? If so, that’s a BIG problem.  Struggling through your routine every morning because you have to keep bending down to the floor or reaching over to the top of the toilet to grab your things will only cause you angst. However, if you build your bathroom with surfaces to rest your things comfortably, your morning and the entire day will go more smoothly.

Functional Bathroom Built-In Storage

To have a functional bathroom you have to create storage options that will not clutter the space.  Over the toilet towers, baskets, and extra shelves on the walls won’t do the trick. What you need is cabinet space built under the sinks and into the walls.  You can find the most functional storage solutions for your bathroom by talking to a contractor about all of your built-in options.

Quality Lighting

Moving around in a bathroom in the dark is a nightmare. You need a bathroom with quality lighting in order to get things done.  If you don’t have the option of natural light in your bathroom, be sure to talk to your electrician or contractor about installing overhead lights that mimic daylight.  These lights are the most functional and pleasing to the eye. Not to mention they will make your morning routine a breeze!


If you need help creating a functional bathroom for your home, be sure to call your local experts at Beltway Builders.  We are experienced at creating spaces that families can live and thrive in and will not disappoint!