Straight line winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes are terrifying in every sense of the word. After a storm, it is highly like that you may need repairs to your home both inside and out. We have put together a list of repairs your home might need after a windstorm. But, before you call your insurance company or the home repair company, here are some repairs you can look out for and how to identify if you might need them.

Repairs Your Home Might Need After a Windstorm

Roofing Repairs

The most common repair that is needed after a windstorm is roofing repairs.  Wind can cause large debris to fall on the roof creating cracks that cause leaks. The wind itself can also cause shingles to lift and peel, making the roof age faster and not function properly.  If you have had a high windstorm recently be sure to take a trip around the perimeter of your house and look at the roof.  If you see any large debris or peeling shingles, you may need to make a call to a local repair company to come and assess the damage.

New Siding or Siding Repairs

Like the roof, your siding is sure to take a beating during a heavy windstorm.  However, unlike the roof, damage to the siding is a little bit easier to notice. If your siding has peeled away from your home, or you notice that there are wind drafts or leaks coming in it is probable that the windstorm caused damage.

New Gutters

Gutters although they are a little feature, do a big job to protect your home.  During a rainstorm, they reroute water so that it doesn’t pool on your roof, fall down your siding or seep through your windows and cause leaks.  Because gutters do such a big job, they are one of the last features of your home that you want to leave in disrepair.  Unfortunately, they are also one of the most likely features of your home to obtain damage during a windstorm.  After a windstorm, if you noticed any damage to either your roof or your siding, be sure to have your gutters checked as well and always move forward with repairs.

If you have recently suffered wind damage, contact Beltway Builders today and we can be on our way to see what repairs you need to protect your most valuable asset.

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