Roof pitch, also known as roof slope, is a crucial factor to consider, especially when it comes to roof repair or installation. It is the measurement of your roof’s angle – crucial for determining what roofing material will be the most effective for your home’s protection.

Importance of Your Home’s Roof Pitch

Why Roof Pitch (Slope) Matters?

As mentioned earlier, the roof pitch is important in measuring your roof’s angle and determining what materials will be the most effective for your home. Roof pitch also plays an important factor in how long your roof can last.

When carrying out  roof maintenance and your roof pitch isn’t known, mistakes will be made during the process, mistakes that will bring serious damage to your roof – thereby voiding the warranty of your roof.

Roof pitch also plays an important role when it comes to weather. During the rainy months, your roof pitch will determine how fast your roof will drain water. It also plays a role in how your roof gets rid of snow and prevent damage to your home.

Roof pitch also plays a role in protecting your home from mold, leaks, cracks and even collapse. Some states in the US have a minimum requirement as regards roof pitch. Therefore, hire a contractor or company that knows what they’re doing and what these requirements are.

Why  Tall Buildings have a Very Low Pitch

Have you ever wondered why tall buildings have such a low roof pitch?

The pitch is usually so low it’s barely noticeable. The reason for this is: a building’s roof is so large it would require more materials to give it a high slope. For this reason, the installation would be more difficult and dangerous. Therefore, It’s impractical to install a roof with a slope that’s comparable to a home’s roof.

A high slope would expose the building to wind problems and maintenance difficulties as well. A home is much smaller compared to building with several floors, therefore, a steeper roof pitch is practical.

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