How To Prepare Your Home for Holiday Visitors

If you are the lucky member of your family that gets the privilege of hosting guests during the holiday season you understand the chaos that ensues when trying to get your house and a big meal ready.  This year, you can use this list of tips to prepare your holiday home ahead of time so you can make sure all of your guests have the best experience.

Check Bathroom Fixtures

One thing you never want to have an issue with when you have an influx of guests in your home is the bathroom. That’s why before any guests step foot in your home, you should check the fixtures in your bathroom to make sure they are working appropriately.  This includes the toilet, sink, all drains, and the shower. Look to make sure there are no leaks, that the water pressure is correct, and that they are clean. If you find any issues, address them before your guests arrive to make sure they don’t have to worry about the bare necessities.

Maintain Outside Walkways

Trips and falls can really put a damper on a festive day. So, before any of your guests arrive at your front door, check your walkways to make sure they are clear of any hazards.  Potential hazards might include cracks in the walkways, loose pavers, and ice or snow on walking surfaces. Of course, shoveling and laying down salt will help to eliminate snow and ice, but you might need to call a professional for help if you need to repair your walkways.

Create a Holiday Home Relaxing Retreat

Having a private room, sleeping quarters, or area away from the rest of the family is a great perk for both guests and hosts.  But, if you don’t have a designated guest room it can be difficult to create that space. If you need more space in your home for guests, professional contractors like those at Beltway Builders can help you find it.  They can transform your basement, home office, or attic into space your guests will love.


When you use these three tips to help you prepare for guests, you can be certain you are in for a very happy holiday home! If you need help with bigger projects ahead of the holidays, call Beltway Builders!