Unless you live under a rock you have seen (or at least heard of) the HGTV show, Fixer Upper. This Waco, Texas-based home renovation show took the world by storm and made “shiplap” a household word.  And, thanks to the dynamic duo of Chip & Jo, everyone wants the iconic “farmhouse kitchen” they helped to make so popular.

How To Create the Ultimate Farmhouse Kitchen

If you are doing a kitchen renovation right now and are wanting to go with the farmhouse style, you truly can’t go wrong.  It’s classic, timeless, and (if you are selling) every buyer is looking for it.  So, before you get to demo day, be sure you have every farmhouse element checked off your list for a kitchen that will sweep you off your feet.


That’s right, shiplap. A simple feature that everyone loves.  If you are designing a farmhouse kitchen you need to have at least one shiplap element incorporated to make an impression.  Although traditionally shiplap goes on the walls, there are actually many ways you can incorporate it into your design.  Think out of the box—shiplap on the base of the island, as a backsplash, or on your vent hood. Any of these design choices will set your kitchen apart!

Natural Tones

A key feature of farmhouse style is the natural, earthy tones that it boasts. Most of the designs on Fixer Upper featured black, white, gray, or earthy blues and greens. However, if you LOVE the color and just have to have it in your kitchen, try incorporating it into your accessories to add a pop of your style while sticking with the farmhouse style.

Wood or Metal Elements

Every farmhouse kitchen has a design piece that stands out.  If you want to achieve the ultimate farmhouse look, then choose a rustic wood or metal design element that sets the tone for the entire kitchen. Perhaps an antique farmhouse table, custom designed wooden vent hood or open iron shelving. Buyers will drool over these designs and you will love the way they make your kitchen feel laid back and relaxed.

You are now officially ready for your demo day! Create your design, make a plan, and get ready to go! You’ve got your own fixer-upper to tackle!