Handyman Repairs to Prepare Your Home for Fall

When school is starting up and football is on TV, which can only mean one thing. Fall is right around the corner.  With Autumn comes a flurry of cooler weather, more wind, and the possibility of snow at any instant. All of these changes are your signal for starting Autumn home preparation projects. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few ideas of places you can get started.

Caulking the Windows and Doors on Your Autumn Home

Throughout the year your house shifts and settles, which means that your doors and windows shift as well. And, as your doors and windows shift there is the possibility that cold air will be able to get in.  This will cause your heating system to lack efficiency. Furthermore, the caulking around your windows and doors wears down over time which can cause the same problem.

Every year before fall, take a trip around your house to see where your caulking might need to be replaced or touched up. If touch-ups are small, you might be able to make them yourself. However, if much of your caulking needs replaced it is in your best interest to call a trusted professional to consult regarding the repairs first.

Exterior Siding and Gutter Repairs

During summer storms there is always the possibility that your home’s siding and gutters may incur damage.  Many times following strong winds homeowners will find their siding peeling off. They may even see their gutters falling or twisted out of place. Fixing these damages before autumn is of the utmost importance. Leaving them subject to the winter elements can cause further damage to your home.

Whenever you are making siding or gutter repairs you should always call a local professional for help with installation.  Their expertise will help to ensure that no further damage to your home will take place.

Replacing Outdoor Light Fixtures and Bulbs

As summer turns into fall the days get shorter and the nights get longer, which means you will really be needing those lights on the outside of your home. Furthermore, when the holiday season rolls around you will want all your lights working to ambiance to your decorations. To ensure that those lights are there when you need them, check every bulb and replace those that haven’t been replaced yet this year.

If you have difficulty reaching the lights on the exterior of your home or don’t feel comfortable climbing a ladder, call a local handyman for help!

For any of these needs, Beltway Builders can provide assistance. Always happy to help, give them a call at 410-REMODEL today!