While a heavy snowfall means good news for winter lovers — is your deck ready for heavy snow this winter. If your deck isn’t solid or properly constructed, it could be a disaster waiting to happen during this season.

Can Your Deck Withstand a Heavy Snowfall this Winter Season?

Problems with decks in winter

The board pulling away

When the ledger board starts pulling away from your home, it is mostly as a result of heavy load on the surface of the deck or wrong construction techniques. And this is one of the main reasons for deck failure.

To avoid this problem, remove excess snow and ice to reduce the weight on the deck. Remove by sweeping the deck or use a plastic shovel to prevent damage on the surface of the board. If there’s an ice buildup, apply an ice melt product like salt to melt the ice. Don’t try to use a metallic object to chip it away.


Rots are as a result of poorly treated boards. In constructing your deck, ensure that you use products like FiberOn decking materials to prevent rotting.

Post and beam issues

The posts and beams under your deck can also rot and erode just like the deck boards. It occurs as a result of a faulty foundation or pillars poorly treated to resist rot.

Faulty foundation

The foundation is built to provide base support for the deck. For your deck to withstand the elements, the foundation must be properly installed. Setting a deck on rocks, or just the bare earth is a disaster waiting to happen.

Cleaning your deck before the snow gets heavy is vital to keeping your deck safe this season. Leaves, branches, and other debris create an enabling environment for standing water, which can do severe damage on your wooden deck. Therefore, keep your deck clear of debris before the snow gets heavy.

If you are not sure about the stability of your deck, call the experts at Beltway Builders for an inspection to ensure that your deck is safe and secure for the winter. Also, if your deck needs an upgrade, replacement, or new installation, we can help with that.