The Biggest Trends of 2018 in Bathroom Decor and Design
When it comes to bathroom design, classic looks will never go out of style, but a new year always ushers in new trends.

See what’s in store for 2018 for Bathroom design! Update: If you are interested in the Top Trends in Kitchen Design for 2018 as well, check out this blog.

Monochrome styles are back.

If color schemes aren’t your jam, you’re in luck! Monochrome means choosing one color and decorating with different shades of that same color. The year 2018 has brought with it monochrome styles that make design simple again.
The Biggest Trends of 2018 in Bathroom Decor and Design

Look for updated storage solutions.

Minimal storage may look chic, but where do you hide that big box of Q-tips or that extra pack of razors? Practicality is back this year, which means shelf space doesn’t have to compete with style. Use corners, height, and areas that fall below eye level to make space for all of your bathroom items.

Natural accents are huge.

From bamboo floors to stone vessel sinks, nature is growing back into the trends of home design. Renewable in nature and with a beautiful organic touch, real natural elements make for authentic living spaces.
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