The Best Home Improvement Tips for Spring

With most of the country wrapped in a frozen tundra it’s hard not to turn our thoughts to warmer weather, the great outdoors, and getting the house ready for the long days of summer.  That’s why this week we have a list of our best home improvement tips for spring! These top tips will help you have your house in the best shape sooner rather than later so you can enjoy the days soaking up the sun instead of soaking up the sweat on home improvement projects!

Check the Roof

The winter months mean hail, sleet, snow and lots of ice – plenty of elements that can do plenty of damage to your shingles and roof structure. That’s why as soon as the temperatures begin to rise and all of the winter elements have melted off of your home we recommend heading out to inspect the roof.  Look for any inflammation or tears in your shingles as well as any spots where an entire patch of shingles may be missing. If you catch these areas early it will help prevent further damage during the spring months.

Clean the Gutters

Although many homeowners clean their gutters in the fall to rid them of leaves and other debris, it is a good idea to also clean them in the spring. Cleaning your gutters in the spring will rid them of any mess that has built up including dirt and excess mess that may have taken place over the winter months. A good clean will also help to prevent any damage that might occur from too much weight or pressure in the gutters.

Powerwash the Deck or Patio

If you have a deck or patio it is inevitable that you will be spending time on it during the warmer months of the year. To keep that deck looking like new and prevent rot you should powerwash it every spring and reseal it at least every other year.  If you have a patio instead of a deck, power washing it and cleaning excess grime will also help to prevent weathering and add years the the life of your entertainment space.

Take this list and use it this spring to get a head start on your home improvement game. And, if you find you need repairs, don’t forget to call your friends at Beltway Builders. We’re always happy to help!