If you have been in your current home or a long time, then you must have seen your gutters do thing to your home that they normally wouldn’t do if they were in a top shape. Those are signs you need to replace your gutters.

Are Your Gutters Causing Problems?

Below are common symptoms of gutter-related problems:

Rusted Troughs

When you start to notice rust in your gutters, it means that standing water is a recurring problem. Get a professional to fix this issue to avoid other damages to your home.

Dirty or Stained Siding

This problem usually comes up as a result of water overflowing from your gutters and getting onto the siding. This can cause mold growth in your walls if not fixed immediately.

Peeling Exterior Paint

When the water in gutter begins to spill or pool, one way or another, it will come in contact with your walls. This will cause paint to bubble and peel off over time.

Basement Moisture

When you start to notice water in your basement, it could be as a result of a faulty gutter. Gutters are meant to catch roof water runoff and direct it to the downspouts, which will then take the water away from your walls.

Leaking and overflowing gutters are as good as having no gutters. Rainwater may runoff and end up entering the basement. This is one major cause of mold and mildew formation in the basement.

Wood rot is another cause for concern; and when the problem is allowed to continue for a long time, it begins to affect the home’s foundation. The foundation will eventual lose its strength and stability.

Sagging Gutters

When you notice that your gutters are starting to sag or pull away from your home, it means that there are clogs that are making them heavier. This is risky because the support may be unable to take the weight, and the sagging gutter will eventually fall off.

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