A Guide for Choosing Exterior Shutters

With Hurricane Florence recently ripping through the East Coast southern states, exterior building materials and specifically shutters have been on our mind. The original purpose of shutters was to protect the windows and the interior of the home in the situation a bad storm (like a hurricane) would arise. However, as the years have progressed shutters have evolved from a necessary component on a home to an exterior accessory for enhancing the home’s appearance.

To add a little bit of exterior style to your home, shutters are a great choice. And, we have a guide to pick out the shutters that are best for you!

Louver Shutters

When you think about shutters, chances are you picture traditional Louver shutters.  Louver shutters are two-sided shutters with multiple slats and a push rod in the middle.  Louver shutters can be adjusted to let light in the house or block light out. Many people choose Louver shutters because they are timeless, but also because they aren’t familiar with the other types of shutters available to them.

Board and Batten Shutters

If you have been watching any home improvement television shows lately (especially one that takes place in Waco, Texas) you are familiar with board and batten shutters.  Board and batten shutters offer a more simplistic feel that can be modified to fit many styles. Also, two-sided, board and batten shutters are made from two larger pieces of wood side by side and held together by two horizontal panels.  Currently, cedar board and batten shutters are very popular.

Raised Panel Shutters

Created from one piece of wood cut to create two raised panels in the middle, raised panel shutters are a traditional, easy to maintain shutter for your home.  Because they are one piece, these shutters are easy to keep clean, simple to take up and down, and will look great on almost any home.

For help choosing the best shutter style for you, just contact Beltway Builders today.  They will assist you in finding the shutters you need and helping you install them right away!