Bathroom Remodel

Aside from your kitchen, your home’s bathrooms are likely the most-used rooms in the entire home. Not only are they used every single day, but they’re one of the most common places your guests will ask to go. Rather than dreading showing people to your guest bath, or dreading using your master bathroom yourself, why not give your bathrooms some attention with a remodel?

Remodeling your bathrooms can be as big, or as small, of a project as you want. While nothing can compare with the results from a complete bathroom remodel, even just one or two small updates can make a world of difference.

If you’re considering remodeling or refreshing your home’s bathrooms, here are six smart and simple ways to make a big impression:

  1. The Flooring. Changing the flooring in your bathroom will dramatically change the overall appearance. Today, you can choose from updated tile, durable vinyl flooring, and even affordable, user-friendly tile that goes right over the top of your current floor.
  • The Vanity. There are a lot of different options for updating your bathroom’s vanity, including buying a brand new one, salvaging a used one, or turning something like an old table or dresser into a vanity. Before choosing a new vanity, always make sure you know what your plumbing situation is like, including the size and number of sinks you’re wanting.
  • The Shower + Tub. Redoing your bathroom’s shower and/or bathtub will completely change the way your space looks. And, maybe even more importantly, it will make you love using your bathroom even more. These days, the sky is the limit with what can be done to create your dream shower or tub environment – just ask our team and we’ll tell you how it can be done!
  • The Sink. Updating the sink is an easy and often affordable update for your bathroom, especially if you’re just changing the look and not the size.
  • The Lighting. As you know, lighting changes everything. Replacing outdated light fixtures with newer, more current ones can quickly make your bathroom look updated and refreshed.
  • The Walls. From wallpaper to bold colors, there are a lot of in-trend options for your bathroom. Choosing one of them will make your bathroom look like it’s cared for and updated.