Houses don’t become homes all by themselves. You need to add a few decorations and furniture to make your home feel welcoming and comfy.

So, in turning your new house into a home, there are several areas you should consider to make your home feel more comfortable. Some of those areas to consider are the ceiling heights, lighting schemes, textures, finishes, color choices, etc.

5 Ways to Make Your New Home Feel More Comfortable

Here are five ways to make your new home feel more comfortable.


Display your books

When you display items such as books in your house, like on a bookshelf, it makes your home feel welcoming and warm. Even though you want to create a modern interior, it doesn’t mean you should live in a home without a personality. There are ways to create a contemporary home with a well-arranged bookshelf.


Hang/Display beautiful art pieces

Hanging a few artworks on the walls will instantly turn your house into a home, giving it a personality. Especially if you have a lot of space on the wall. Don’t leave a lot of empty space on the wall. Even though your paint or wallpaper looks so lovely, the wall will seem so empty.



Make your house smell nice

Your home won’t be so comfortable if it smells like garbage. Make your home smell nice by using sweet aromas around the house. Buy some air fresheners from the mall. Use different fragrances in different parts of your home to make it smell heavenly.

Other options include incense and scented candles. Also, when you do some baking in the home, the aroma smells like home. While you have air fresheners and scented candles in your home, do some homemade cookies or cakes.


Have lots of throw pillows

Place lots of throw pillows on your furniture; it will make your home so comfy. Trust me; it’s better to have too many throw pillows than not enough.

It’s a great feeling to walk through the door after the day’s work, and you can sink into those cushiony throws that feel like a cloud.


Upgrade Your Bath Tub or Shower

Install modern showers or bathtubs in the bathrooms. It doesn’t only give your home a contemporary feel; it also makes your home cozy.

The bathroom doesn’t have to be boring. Imagine having a whirlpool bath or steam shower where you can spend some alone time to make all the worries and stress of the day melt away.


No rule says you must do all these things at once. Well, unless you have a big budget. However, the trick to getting it all done faster if you don’t have a big budget is to continually introduce these homey touches one after the other, over time.

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