5 Popular Bathroom Trends for 2019

More than ever before, bathrooms are becoming a popular room to make a statement.  Homeowners are choosing to take the space of their bathroom and use it to express their personalities and boldest design choices.

If you are thinking about remodeling a bathroom this year, here are 5 popular trends you want to make note of.

Dark Hardware

Modern and industrial are two looks that are really in for 2019. And, to achieve those looks, homeowners are opting for dark hardware instead of traditional chrome or brushed nickel.  Matte black and brushed steel are two of the most popular options.

Exposed Plumbing

Exposed pipes in the shower against a light-colored tile wall is one design choice homeowners are using to make a statement.  Dark pipes nod toward a more industrial style are an easy way to add a pop of metal.

Statement Walls

Whether it is with tile or wallpaper, homeowners are jumping all over the opportunity to create statement walls in their bathrooms. If a homeowner chooses a neutral paint color for the rest of the bathroom they can let their imaginations run wild with a design for a statement wall. Think inspirational quotes, neon colors, or an art deco design.

Luxurious Sinks/Tubs

The average vanity or bathtub is a bathroom design choice that has gone by the wayside recently.  Homeowners instead are choosing to install large, luxurious pieces to make their home bathroom feel like an exotic spa. Extra deep garden-style tubs and top mounted sinks are two popular choices.

Wood Vanities

Natural elements are one of the top trends this year as homeowners are looking for a way to bring the light, airy feeling of the outdoors in.  Light wood vanities and accents are a popular option as they come in a variety of styles and price points that are affordable for everyone.

To get started on your home design project, give your friends at Beltway Builders a call today! They want to help you create the (luxurious) bathroom of your dreams and can even help with design choices!