Roof leaks pose a dangerous threat to your home. When there is heavy rain or wind, the degree of damage to your property can be extensive. Minor leaks are just as dangerous as significant leaks. 

With the right maintenance, the possibility of leaks, damages can be reduced to a minimum, and also prolongs the life of your roof. 

Here are the four steps to take to prevent roof leaks.

4 Steps to Prevent Roof Leaks
A man reads the paper as a bad roof leak allows rain down on him.

Check Your Roof Covers Regularly

Check roof covers, after a storm or heavy wind, for any damage. Ensure that you clean up any dirt and debris left by the wind. Look out for tears, missing pieces, broken parts, and peeling.

Consider replacing covers if you find that the element has destroyed it. The cover helps to prevent water and insects from getting through the roof. If you can’t DIY, call trained roofing experts in Maryland for an inspection.

Keep Gutters and Drains Clean and Maintained

Clean out your gutters and drainage once or twice a year. However, if you have many trees around your home, or you have a history of clogged drains, you should inspect and clean more often.

Check for cracks and damages around the roof regularly, especially during winter. Ice dams can break gutters sending water into the walls and ceiling. A hidden roof leak can be dangerous and expensive.

 Inspect and Repair Perimeter Flashing

Ensure that flashing around your chimney, fans, plumbing, and the perimeter of the building isn’t damaged. Or else, water may find its way into the building instead of being directed away. Call roofing professionals to look for vulnerable areas such as loose or missing flashing.

Checks Items Attached to the Roof

Do you have satellite dishes, HVAC units, or other items attached to your roof? If yes, then you need regular roofing inspections to be sure that water isn’t getting through to the building. Your roofing expert will ensure that those items are secure and proper waterproofing systems are still intact.

Beltway Builders are certified roofing professionals in Maryland and can help protect your property from water damages by inspecting and repairing leaks on your roof.