After the end of a long day, everyone needs a chance to relax. And, when you need to relax there is nothing better than a restful retreat inside your home. Although some people prefer to relax on the sofa, the bathroom is really where it’s at.  Picture a long soak in a pristine tub, a steaming shower, and beautifully tiled floors—That’s luxury, and luxury is the best cure for a long day. If you are ready to maximize your relaxation here are three ways to make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Ways to Make Your Home Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

Multiple Shower Heads

Imagine stepping into an expansive shower with the water falling like rain on your head and water massaging your tired shoulders and back. Nice, right? Well, when you install multiple shower heads a rainfall massage can be your reality.

You can find multiple types of shower heads at your local home improvement store. However, when it comes to installing them working with a professional is recommended to get the best result!

A Soaking Tub

Deep bubbles, breathtaking scents, dim lights and burning candles along with your favorite book and a delicious beverage.  That is why you need a soaking tub.  When it comes to choosing a tub there are many different options and the choice is up to you.

Whether it is a sunken garden tub, an alcove tub, or a traditional clawfoot you can’t go wrong.  However, the most popular type of tub in current bathroom trends is a freestanding modern tub and will give you the best value if you are thinking about resale!

Custom Tile Work

Ways to Make Your Home Bathroom Feel Like a Spa - Tile In Bathroom

If you want to do one thing that will make everything else in your bathroom feel luxurious, custom tile work is the answer for you.  Adding a cohesive look that blends together the floors the walls and the shower will give everything a top-of-the-line feeling.

When it comes to choosing a tile for your bathroom you can never go wrong with traditional subway tile. However, patterned tiles and unique shapes are currently trendy and will create a high-impact design.

If you are looking into a bathroom redesign Beltway Builders would be happy to help! Contact us today to see what we can do for you!