Keep Your Sanity During a Home Remodel & Renovation

When you choose to finally remodel your home, who expects to fully lose their sanity?

Some individuals assume that while their kitchen is in disarray, they’ll need to use their garden hose to rinse off their chickpeas. If that’s the case, they just might completely lose it. This doesn’t have to be the norm.

Follow these 3 tips and keep your sanity, instead of losing it:

1. Just get started!

It’s simple: when you start now, you’ll be finished sooner. Getting started is sometimes all it takes. We often hear from our clients that before they called us, they considered postponing their home remodel until the kids went off to college, until after they saved for their next big vacation, or until the school year let out for summer.

No matter what excuse you’re issuing, consider the alternative: when you start now, you’ll be finished sooner.

Only you can make the decision, but our promise at Beltway Builders is to be with you every step of the way.

2. Don’t neglect your own self-care.

Flexibility during a home renovation is key, but so is taking care of yourself. Whether or not your family has children, if you start to feel especially stressed, exhausted, or anxious, take the time for self-care. If that’s a child-free walk around the block, a cappuccino after you drop the kids off at school, or an added date night with your spouse, take it, drink it, and do it.

3. Maintain a sense of normalcy.

While your home may be messier than normal, your daily routines don’t need to suffer. If you usually eat breakfast with your kids around 6:15 a.m., but the kitchen table has been moved out of the kitchen and the counter space has disappeared, trying eating breakfast at 6:15 a.m. in the living room instead.