3 Reasons You Need a Reliable Handyman

Chances are, when you bought your home you had a list of every fixer-upper project you wanted to complete.  However, if you have been a homeowner for longer than a month you probably realize that making all of those big project dreams come true is a tough job! And, although repainting the living room can be fun and doesn’t take a lot of effort, there are some projects you will just never want to do; and for those projects, you will want a handyman!

Handyman for Installing Countertops

One of the most common fixer-upper projects new homeowners want to tackle is the kitchen and the countertop is typically one of the first things to go! Unfortunately, the old countertop is not only an eyesore but is also difficult to install.  Precision in measuring and cutting is of the utmost importance, leaving little to no room for error. Therefore, if you want to install a countertop trusting a professional handyman is usually the way to go. Their experience will help you get the precise cuts and installation you need to have kitchen renovation success!

Gutter Cleaning/Repair

Every fall homeowners have to go through the dreaded chore of cleaning out the gutters. The task is time-consuming, involves climbing and being on a ladder, and requires a lot of clean-up. Not typically something you want to spend your Saturday on. But, if you have a handyman you know and trust on call, they can get the job done for you and you will be able to spend Saturday doing the things you actually enjoy! Furthermore, you will have the confidence in knowing that your job is done, and done right.

Replacing Hard to Reach Light Bulbs

Although replacing a light bulb may seem like an easy task, in homes with high ceilings it can be an utter nightmare.  You have to climb up on a ladder or use a difficult tool in order to replace light bulbs. When you do so, you run the risk of falling or dropping a light bulb and getting injured.  A risk you don’t want to take. Luckily, a trusted handyman can come over, switch out your bulbs, and be out of your house before you even know it!

If you need assistance with any of your handyman tasks, be sure to call Beltway Builders today! Our goal is to make your life easier!