When buying a home every family pictures what their life will be like inside those four walls. They might picture sitting around the dining room table, relaxing in the living room, and the kids running through the hallways.  Usually, when people buy a home, they buy it because they love it and they buy it as a long-term investment.  However, it is not uncommon to want to make some changes.  And, in today’s world of savvy home buyers, creating an addition is one of the most financially responsible ways to get the extra space you crave without jumping into an entirely new mortgage.

3 Popular Home Addition Trends

Here are three reasons you might consider an addition to your home.

A Larger Kitchen

The heart of the home is the kitchen and when buying a home everyone wants to get the kitchen of their dreams.  Unfortunately, expansive islands, floor to ceiling cupboards and breakfast nooks weren’t always trendy.  Therefore, some homes simply need more space in order to create a kitchen that is fully functional in today’s world.  Choosing an addition to create extra space for your dream kitchen is a great choice.  When you choose an addition you can be sure that your space will be designed exactly as you wanted it and there will be less hidden challenges than knocking down interior walls and ripping through pipes.

A Space for Relaxation

Everyone wants a chance to feel like they are on vacation in the comfort of their own home.  That’s why many people are choosing to create an addition in the form of a sun porch or four seasons room.  These restful retreats allow you to take in all of the sights and sounds of the outdoors without being exposed to the elements.  There is truly no better way to drink your morning coffee.

Room For Your Parents

As the baby boomer generation ages and nursing home or long-term care facilities are becoming more expensive and less appealing, many families are turning to in-law suites to care for their loved ones.  Unfortunately not every home comes with this luxury, so many are having to create it.  By using an addition to create an in-law suite you can custom tailor the space to your family’s needs and ensure that you are getting every feature that you want.


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